Regardless if you sell a mix of generic services or are hocking a high-end specialty product, either way you want to have great testimonials flowing in. I mean, it’s a no brainer. With lots of great accolades from your existing customers, getting new ones becomes a whole lot easier.

There is a little used trick that makes the process of getting great testimonials real easy, and it employs a strategy called instant reciprocity.

I’ll share the exact method in just a second, but first you have to remember the basics to great feedback… take excellent care of your customer. I mean, duh! Communicate well, go beyond expectations, and tackle problems the moment they happen. That will set the foundation for a happy client, but alone won’t have them writing you a great testimonial.

Here’s the trick, after you have delivered a great product or service to your client apply the strategy of instant reciprocity. In case you don’t know, instant reciprocity is hardwired into people. It is our natural tendency to return a favor that was done for us. For example, think of all the Christmas cards you scramble to get out, once you receive unexpected ones. That is instant reciprocity.

When it comes to testimonials, after you provide great service, DON’T immediately ask for a testimonial (like all the schmucks have told you). Instead, pay a compliment to your customer first. That’s right! Thank them for being a 5 star client, first.

And with that, the law of instant reciprocity has been set. Only now should you ask them if they would share their thoughts of your company so that you can show them to future clients. It is pretty likely you will hear that you are a 5 star vendor! I mean, it is a law after all.

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